Mali – Strengthening and adapting partnerships to fight the Covid-19 epidemic

In Mali, the Meriem project strengthened its partnership with the Bara Musso company by supporting Covid-19 prevention in 30 markets in Bamako. This three-month action targets traders, handlers and consumers in the capital’s busiest markets.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Meriem project and Bara Musso company, 120 hand washing stations will be installed in these markets. In addition, key messages on prevention measures adapted to the commercial context will be disseminated through posters placed in strategic market locations, through audio messages via loudspeakers and through local radio.

“This approach will help to strengthen the company’s image in terms of its commitment to fight the coronavirus epidemic and contribute significantly to preventing the epidemic in areas where risk of the virus spreading is high, such as the large, crowded markets in Bamako,” explains Amaia Bessouet, Meriem project manager in Mali.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (MSAS) and the National Centre for Information, Education and Communication for Health (CNIECS) are also contributing to this preventive action.