Mariam Bouda, a mother in the Sir-Noghin neighbourhood in Ouagadougou

“I started to give Phosphatine to my last child. She was 18 months old. But she could eat up to three packets a week, and a packet costs between 1000 and 1,250 CFA francs! Due to a lack of resources, I stopped and I am now giving her the traditional porridge women make every morning. It would be very very important for us to have quality porridge in our neighbourhoods, which can be found in all local shops and at a lower price. If we had these enriched porridges in our neighbourhood shops, it would be a great help to mothers. We could go buy it and get on with our household tasks, and it would also avoid sending the children out to buy it. It would also avoid us having to wake the children up very early in the morning to queue up and buy the traditional porridges at the side of the road. It’s the solution all mothers are dreaming of today.”

Source: interview conducted by GRET in Burkina Faso.